This is a flow-matched set of professionally remanufactured genuine OEM Bosch fuel injectors. This set fits the following vehicles:



2011-2012 Ford Fiesta 1.6L I4



Fuel Injector Specs:
Bosch EV14ES fuel injector
4 hole nozzle

Flow Rate at 43.5 psi / 3 bar:
15.4 lb/hr
161.9 cc/min

12 ohms

Part Numbers:
Bosch 62014 / 0280158284
Ford AE8EBA / AE8E9F593BA
Motorcraft CM-5207

OEM Bosch Fuel Injectors Set (4) 0280158284 for 2011-2012 Ford Fiesta 1.6L I4

  • All of our sets are flow matched to 3-5% or better (OEM factory standards).

    We offer an advanced flow matching service with documentation for


    $80 for 1% dynamic flow match with documentation

    $50 for 2% dynamic flow match with documentation

    $30 for 2% static flow match with documentation


    The percentages are how closely the injectors are flow matched to one another.

    Static flow matching involves testing the injectors at 100% duty cycle.

    Dynamic is the process of testing and matching the injectors at all duty cycles.



    If you are interested in the advanced flow matching, you can choose this option in the drop down menu

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