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Fuel Injector Rebuild Service Professional Cleaning and Flow Testing on ASNU

Fuel Injector Rebuild Service Professional Cleaning and Flow Testing on ASNU


Professional Fuel Injector Cleaning and Servicing

Get your cores running like-new again for a fraction of the cost of new injectors


Be sure to order the proper quantity (quantity = number of injectors you need serviced)


*If you have Side Feed, GDI or TBI injectors, you will need to contact us first before placing your order*

What you get:

Upon arrival, each individual injector is tested for coil resistance, leaks, spray pattern, and flow rate. They are tested side-by-side for an accurate comparison and flow-results results are recorded. We can test up to 8 injectors side by side on one machine.

The old and brittle components are removed and the injectors undergo a three step ultrasonic cleaning. They first get cleaned on the outside of the injectors, then they are set up on a pulser which cleans the internals. The solution is very mild and is safe and biodegradable. The ultrasonic waves to the bulk of the cleaning. Lastly, the injectors are get "back-blown", a process which eliminates any internal debris from the injector.

Injectors receive brand new components including: o-rings, micro-filters, grommets, spacers, pintle caps, etc. Old, used components can be the cause of a variety of issues, specifically leaking problems. Your old components will be returned to you in a sealed bag with your rebuilt injectors.

Rebuilt and cleaned injectors are flow-tested again on the ASNU machines and results are recorded on the flow-sheet. Our machines use a special proprietary fluid which conditions and further protects the injectors' internals. This protects the injectors from internal rusting as well as prevents the injector from getting stuck open or stuck closed. We have been using this fluid for over 15 years.

This service includes a flow-result documentation which shows before and after flow-results and comparison charts. This will show the flow-matching percentage. 

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