Bosch 0280150209 Fuel Injector Rebuild Kit for 1981-1984 Volvo 2.3L I4


Components for a set of 4 Injectors



This is a set of brand new fuel injector components that fit a set of 4 injectors for the following vehicles:



1981-1984 Volvo 242 2.3L I4 Naturally Aspirated


1981-1984 Volvo 244 2.3L I4 Naturally Aspirated


1981-1984 Volvo 245 2.3L I4 Naturally Aspirated


1984 Volvo GLE 2.3L I4 Naturally Aspirated




Components for Fuel Injector Part Number: 






This kit includes the following components:



4 High-Flow Bosch Micro Filters


4 Upper Viton O-Rings


4 Lower Spacers


4 Lower Viton O-Rings


4 Pintle Caps



CSP Kit Code


Vehicle Fitment

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